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PB&J Otter Series 4 DVD ISO Set Cartoon Rare!!! 43 Episodes 1998-2000

PB&J Otter Series 4 DVD ISO Set Cartoon Rare!!! 43 Episodes 1998-2000

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PB&J Otter is an American animated children's television series which premiered on Playhouse Disney on March 15, 1998. A total of 65 episodes were produced during the course of its three season run, with the "farewell" episode airing on September 24, 2000 (although a Halloween episode was the last aired episode, on June 21, 2001).The series centered on the otter family who lived in the rural fishing community of Lake Hoohaw. Most stories revolved around the Otter kids: older brother Peanut, younger sister Jelly and diapered baby Butter (named after the peanut butter and jelly sandwich), as well as their friends and neighbors. Supporting characters included gossipy Cranes, overly hygienic raccoons, a junk-collecting mayor and some very wealthy poodles.

The show was created by Jim Jinkins (the creator of Doug) and executive-produced by David Campbell in close conjunction with Harvard University's Cognitive Skills Group, "Project Zero". The Group's job was to monitor each and make sure the material had a positive educational message. This show features songs by Dan Sawyer and Fred Newman.

PB&J Otter was nominated for an Annie Award for outstanding music in an animated show in 2000

  • Video & Sound Quality 8.5/10
  • 4 DVD ISO files
  • 43 Episodes (Not Complete)
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Episode List:

DVD #1

Bye Bye PB & J - Babbleberry Day
Bagpipe Blues - You Can't Come in
Go Away Gorilla - Mama For a Day
Born to Chirp - Mega Melon
The Silent Treatement - Picture Perfect
Invitation to The Snooties - Too Hot For Fishsicles
Otter in The Water - All Popped Out
Nothin But The Tooth - Special Delivery
Soap Box Derby - Howdy Hoohaw Day
Butter The Balloonatic - Gizmotronicon Raffle

DVD #2

Dare Duck - Otters of The Wild
Big Time Bass off Contest - The Sleeping Beagle
Gotta Dance - Otter Pox
The Dollhouse - The Tell Tale Tale Candy Wrapper
Eye Spy - Happy Harmony
Strike Up The Band - World'sStrongest Otter
Come Back Little Monster - The Big Sweep
Butter Tags Along - Flicks Big Find
Tub O Butter - El Dorado, Seat of Gold
Mayor Flick - The Greatest Sleepover Ever
Save Oaky Oak Tree - The Duck Who Cried Wolf

DVD #3

Poor Bubbles - Poodle Powder
Follow Your nose
The Ice Moose
Butter's First Check Up - The Legend of Ponce De L'Otter
Gotcha - The Mysterious Mirror
A Tree Grows in Hoohaw- Flicks Big Fakeout
This Little Light of Mine - Look Ma No Hands
The Singin Kid
Aunt Nanners Special Place - Mucnhy's Sinking Feeling
The Mystery Crate - It's A Bird, It's a Plane...It's an Elephant
Whistling up The Wrong Munchy - Billy The Duck

DVD #4

Opal's Magic Mud Party - Leave it To Munchy
Peanut Overboard - Come Back, Mama
Hoohaw is Where The Heart is - Everything in It's Place
The Big Suprise - Bazania Mania
Watchbird Alert - Flick's Hat Trick
A Very Surprising Party - Easy Pickings
Collector's Edition - Trading Places
Where or Where is Flick - Win, Win, Winner
Peanut Cries Uncle - Nanners Says, I Do
Goodbye Lake Hoohaw
A Hoohaw Halloween