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TV Sled Ed's Greatest Hits DVD ISO 60 Mins

TV Sled Ed's Greatest Hits DVD ISO 60 Mins

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The Master of Disaster is back!! Join “Sled Ed” for tons of “hard-hitting” fun! Sled Ed shows you how NOT to ride your snowmobile by using comedy and important safety messages. Catastrophes come every minute as Ed crashes into trees, trucks, snow plows, cars and more! Ed is everybody’s worst nightmare on the trail and somebody YOU just might know! Sled Ed…the wizard of wreckage. Snowmobile SAFETY’s best training tool on what NOT to do. Over 60 minutes of bladder busting fun for kids of all ages


  • Over 60mins long
  • 1 DVD ISO File
  • No Commercials
  • Video & Sound Quality 10/10
  • Digital Download ONLY

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Each ISO file contain a DVD menu with episode selections, just like a regular DVD disc.

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